Neue Analyse-Widgets auf Kraken Pro: Verbessern Sie Ihre Handelsstrategie

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These widgets not only offer advanced analytics for both spot and futures markets, they also seamlessly integrate with existing Trade and Portfolio widgets. Open up new avenues for discovering opportunities and finding alpha; enhance your trading like never before.

Introducing advanced analytics for spot and futures markets

Our commitment to your trading experience brings you a suite of widgets catering to a wide array of analytical needs. Whether you’re looking to gauge market sentiment with the Aggressor Ratio, monitor market activity through Trade Count or make informed investment decisions with Volatility and Volume, our latest additions provide comprehensive market data at your fingertips.

Spot and futures markets insights

Neue Analyse-Widgets auf Kraken Pro: Verbessern Sie Ihre Handelsstrategie spot analytics widgets
  • Aggressor Ratio: Delve into the taker buy vs. taker sell imbalance in your selected market
  • Trade Count: Keep tabs on the number of trades within your chosen period
  • Volatility: Gauge market volatility through rolling volatility metrics
  • Volume: Assess market liquidity with detailed trading volumes
  • Order Book analytics: Analyze bid/ask volume imbalances and explore potential slippage scenarios

Futures markets exclusives

Neue Analyse-Widgets auf Kraken Pro: Verbessern Sie Ihre Handelsstrategie futures analytics widgets
  • Funding Rate: Get hourly updates on the estimated funding rate to stay ahead
  • Open Interest: Monitor the market’s total number of contracts
  • Futures Premium: Investigate the futures basis for strategic insights
  • Spread: Observe the top of the book spread for optimal bid and ask prices
  • Long/Short Ratio: Gain market positioning insights with the long/short ratio
  • Liquidation Volume: Track liquidations to understand market dynamics and risk

Real-time updates and customizable views

Tailor your analytics view to your trading strategy with our customizable, real-time-updating widgets. With flexibility to drag, drop and resize – along with period selectors from one minute to one week – these widgets integrate seamlessly into your custom trading layout. They dynamically update with your selected market, ensuring data relevance and timeliness.

Examples of bespoke layouts for various trading strategies

Day Trading

Neue Analyse-Widgets auf Kraken Pro: Verbessern Sie Ihre Handelsstrategie day trader

Combine the Volume and Volatility widgets with Market Chart, Order Book and Order Forms for a layout that offers quick insights into market movements. Add Trade Count to monitor intraday high-frequency trading activity levels.

Swing Trading

Neue Analyse-Widgets auf Kraken Pro: Verbessern Sie Ihre Handelsstrategie swing trader

For those focusing on medium-term strategies, integrating Aggressor Ratio and Futures Premium widgets with a Depth Chart and Price Alerts can provide a deeper understanding of market sentiment and potential price breakouts.

Arbitrage Trading

Neue Analyse-Widgets auf Kraken Pro: Verbessern Sie Ihre Handelsstrategie arbitrage trader

Traders looking for arbitrage opportunities might find a layout combining Spread (for futures markets), Order Book Analytics and Volume widgets invaluable. These can be used alongside Market Chart and Order Forms to quickly spot and act on price discrepancies between markets or pairs.

Risk Manager

Neue Analyse-Widgets auf Kraken Pro: Verbessern Sie Ihre Handelsstrategie risk manager

Incorporating Liquidation Volume and Long/Short Ratio widgets with Funding Rate and Open Interest allows clients to assess market risk and leverage positions more effectively. Pair these with Price Alerts and Order Book to maintain a close watch on your trades and market conditions.

Unlocking new strategies with integrated analytics

By integrating the new analytics widgets with Kraken Pro’s customizable layout tools, clients can unlock a plethora of trading strategies tailored to both spot and futures markets. This cohesive approach not only enriches your trading experience but also equips you with the insights needed to navigate the crypto markets with confidence and precision.

Explore new possibilities, customize your interface and leverage these powerful tools to enhance your trading strategy!

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